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It's Denied. We Can't Forget. Help To Remember.

It Happened to Us.
The Hungarian Shoah 1944

An album which reveals the untold horrors of the Holocaust in unpublished pictures.

The bilingual album is to be published for the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust of the Hungarian Jews in 1944. The work will contain an essay in remembrance of the martyrs of the Holocaust while the photos remind all of us that...

...it happened to us during the Hungarian Shoah in 1944.

The limited edition of the A4 format hard cover album will be printed on the best quality paper in 1000 copies, all with jackets and claddings. Some of the extremely graphic photos will be published for the first time. Some other photos had been already published and these must be bought from the MTI Hungarian News Agency and the National Archives.

Our publication will be offered to libraries in the United States, Canada, Israel, Hungary and Western Europe in order to be obtainable for the widest reading public and of course will be available in all the bookshops of the Western world and anyone will be able to order it from a bilingual website of the project.

The distribution of this unique publication will be the task of some distributors, among them Baker and Taylor in U.S.

Help us to commemorate them worthily.

The prospective expense of this venture is approximately USD 25,000 including all costs: starting and maintenance of a website, writing, translating and editing of the essay and special consultations in both languages, royalties, digital upgranding of the pictures, layout, makeup, printing, binding and storage for 6 months.

All sponsors are allowed to commemorate their relatives, loved ones and friends in this noble work and are entitled to receive a volume as a gift.

The most shocking pictures of all times 
come together in this piece of work.

The main sponsor of the project is the Miért Cion? – ’Why Zion’ –, the only Hungarian Zionist website of the world.

We are proud to be associated with the leading media sponsors:

In order to support our venture or to subscribe the album please contact us:

Postal address: Miért Cion, Király utca 97. III/3, Budapest, Hungary 1077
Phone: +3630 554 1032

It is denied. We can't forget.
Help to remember.

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